Winshuttle SharePoint Permissions

There are a fair amount of Winshuttle items that require SharePoint security of some sort, so I thought I’d start documenting them in tabular form as I run across them.

Winshuttle Function

SharePoint Security


View Winshuttle History

Override List Behaviors

11/27/15 – Error attempting to view Winshuttle history with only Read access, but form can be displayed.
4/23/18 – To view history or item in process list select Override List Behaviors and allow the three other associated permission levels to be selected.

View Winshuttle History

Process Originator

View Winshuttle History

Assignee of an assignment

Access all workflow items in a site

Users with Manage Lists permission level, given directly or via a group.

A user with Manage Lists permission level has access to all items in the list, regardless of who created them.

Access individual items in form workflow list

Item level security

The default settings for a Form Workflow list are for End Users to have access (read and edit) only to the items they create. The exception is a user who has the Manage Lists permission.  This is controlled by the SharePoint list Item-Level Permissions advanced setting.

Winshuttle Form Library web part

Site Collection Administrators or Site Owners can see all the items.

The Form Library shows all of the forms that you have created, including Running, Completed, Rejected, and Saved. Only forms you have created will be visible to you.

Winshuttle Form Library Task List web part

The Task List shows all of the tasks that are assigned to you and ready for you to complete.

Winshuttle Form Process List web part

The Process List shows all processes that you have created and are Running.

Bulk Reassignments

SP2013 – Group must have permission level that contains Override List Behaviors permission.  SP2010 – Group must have permission level that contains Manage Lists permission.

Configuration key BulkReassignmentPermissionSets must be set to contain the permission level(s) that have the appropriate permission.  For example, Full Control has this permission by default.

Delete Scripts in Central Site Collection Administrator Ref. Winshuttle documentation.
Last update 2018-06-18


Reference to the List Permissions permission levels



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