Visio Internal Error #3400 Action 2011

The dreaded “internal error!”  What to do?  What was I trying to do?  Simple.

I was attempting to connect a Visio diagram to a SharePoint list.  I’ve done it before a million times…but not in the last year or so.  Soooo….

I fire up Visio Premium 2010 and attempt to connect to a simple list in SharePoint 2013 and am met with the error:

Visio internal error: #3400 Action 2011:  Link Data to Shape

…or some such nonsense.  An then it proceeds to tell me to restart Visio or some such nonsense.  But I try it anyway, but it doesn’t help.

So I start Google-ing (or Bing-ing) and find others with the issue.  Some dribble about needing Premium vs. Professional, required data missing in SharePoint and other babble.  Nope, not even a restart of the old tried and trusted Windows 7 would change things.  So I tried my Windows 8.1 machine with Visio 2013.  Worked the first time.

I decided to “repair” my 2010 version of Visio, since I tend to have all sorts of mixes of version of stuff on my computer and repair Microsoft Office fairly regularly.  So, off to Programs and Features to find the Visio entry.  Fired up a repair and it asked me, fairly forcefully I may say, to finish by rebooting my computer.  So I did.

Long story short…I fired up Visio, made my connection to the same list I’d been using and BAM!  It worked like it was supposed to.

Now on to bigger and better things.


SharePoint Foundation, Visio repair, Fix found

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