The Resource Object with Key ‘S2SearchAdminDashboard_Title’ was not Found

We were working on a search project and had three environments with which we were dealing:  Dev, Test and Production.  All had been seriously neglected in terms of service packs and cumulative updates, so we began the process of updating each environment from straight SP1 to SP2 (WSS and MOSS) with the Infrastructure Update (WSS and MOSS) and the latest (June 2010, KB983311, KB983310) cumulative updates. 

Dev and Test went without a hitch, but that wasn’t the case for Production.  When attempting to access the search administration pages, we were presented with "An error occurred during the processing of . The resource object with key ‘S2SearchAdminDashboard_Title’ was not found."  Ugh!


Doing some Googling turned up this article by Jeff DeVerter.  After I screwed up by copying two of the wrong files in his article (didn’t really matter because they were the same) without a positive result, my co-worker looked over my shoulder and identified my error (that sometimes happens when you are working late at night).  After getting the correct files copied from a good installation (our staging environment, in this case) to the SSP’s virtual directory, all was well with the world.

  • App_GlobalResources\searchadmin.en-us.resx
  • App_GlobalResources\SearchAdmin.resx
  • App_GlobalResources\sps.en-US.resx
  • App_GlobalResources\sps.resx
  • _app_bin\layouts.sitemap

Now, on to the August 2010 cumulative updates!





3 Responses to “The Resource Object with Key ‘S2SearchAdminDashboard_Title’ was not Found”

  1. 1 Zane
    September 16, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Have you had any other successes, or problems, or trials, etc. with this? I am receiving the same exact thing, but when I copy the files the dates/times are exactly the same. And of course, this does nothing toward fixing the problem – still get the “An error occurred during the processing of . The resource object with key ‘S2SearchAdminDashboard_Title’ was not found.” when trying to access my search settings within my SSP. A short history – my MOSS 2007 server died a violent death, so I reinstalled OS, MOSS, Service Pack 1, and Service Pack 2. Created the new Config database, attached my existing Content database (seperate SQL server), manually configured the last few things, but search will not cooperate. I get this exact error after setting up the SSP (multiple times) and trying to get the search to work. Thank you.


  2. 3 Zane
    September 22, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Multiple server farm – but SharePoint app, central admin, and search are all on one server; SQL is on a separate server. Only the one front-end. Thank you! -Zane.

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